McIntyres of Scotland
Trusted Installer of Conservatory Double Glazing

McIntyres of Scotland Trusted Installer of Conservatory Double Glazing

McIntyres of Scotland provide comprehensive double glazing installation for all existing conservatories and new builds.

Retaining Heat

Think of your conservatory as a room made entirely of windows. If the insulation is anything short of fantastic, all of your heat will be lost to the outside. And this won’t just result in huge heating bills, your conservatory won’t be warm enough to use for greater periods of the year.


Windows double as walls in a conservatory, which means they have to be strong. Without at least double glazing, your conservatory will be unable to meet the level of robustness required of it.


Conservatories have to substantially reduce the level of noise from outside. Without double glazing, the noise may prevent you from using it in peace.

Conservatory Styles

You can reap the benefits of double glazing in a variety of conservatory designs. Here are a few of the most popular:


Lean-to conservatories are perfect for smaller homes or if you have limited space. The sloping roof “leans on” to the back of your house, creating you with a simple conservatory often known as a “sun room.” This represents the most popular and best value conservatory option around.


Victorian conservatories are a classical choice, with a rounded, faceted front that makes for an elegant appearance. You’ll have a spacious, extra room to your home, which looks spectacular.

P shaped

P-shaped conservatories combine the Victorian and lean-to styles, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of both. In fact, it’s just like having 2 conservatories joined together.


A Georgian conservatory is another traditional design which constitutes a stylish addition to your home. Its most striking feature is its flat front, which allows plenty of light to flood into your conservatory.


A gable conservatory is a more modern take on the Georgian design. You’ll still benefit from the flat front which permits a great amount of light to enter, but this design is particularly suited to more modern homes.

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